2021 SAINTCON Presenter Registration

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Please be aware that Covid-19 impact to the conference is still undetermined. We will contact respondents as soon as final information is available.


Please enter the presenter information in this section. This is for the individual who will be presenting at the conference.

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SAINTCON features several type of presentations:

  • A Presentation may be a short briefing, open presentation, or discussion. These are generally one hour or shorter in length.
  • A Workshop is a skills development presentation with active and practical involvement.
  • A Training is a specific training opportunity on a particular skillset, tool, or hardware. Depending on the content these can be up to 4 hours in length. All-day trainings will be considered in two half-day parts.
  • A Keynote is a presentation to open or close the conference. Generally these are recruited and arranged prior to the conference, but if you have a topic you wish for us to consider for a Keynote slot, please submit it, we’ll be happy to consider it.
  • A Community/Lightning presentation is a demo, share back, or short lightning talk given in the community space. This option does not come with any speaker benefits.

*Note: All day trainings must be entered as two half day trainings.